About Us

de VOUGE wedding gallery & Academy is a hip and revolutionary concept -a contemporary and sophisticated one stop wedding showcase who favour personalised and speacialised services where most of the wedding industry’s finest service provider come to you.

Best of all ,you dont need to run around and just looking for the service providers to decide where and when to meet . At de VOUGE wedding gallery ,we are focusing on provide you with an array of options and a flexible quotient during selecting packages at a relatively affordable cost.

The most extraordinary from us is not the huge budget like others wedding company , we are just a team working out all their own passionate professionalism through de VOUGE wedding gallery & academy . And another special might be is the company name ,they are curios ,why is the vouge?not vogue? why we name it as vouge, actually we just want something diffirent to ordinary with the seem meaning of “FASHIONABLE” to swedish in same pronouce at VOGUE . So easy to Remember us !!

Beside wedding services we are also had more then 10 years experience’s professional coaching team provided tailored Professional digital bridal makeup & hairstyling course , Professional digital bridal air brush makeup course … …etc …to fullfill a market need for those makeup artist to be .Yet , all graduated from de VOUGE Wedding Gallery & Academy will attend a two month on job traning via our gallery to make sure fresh graduated student are ready to archieve a maximum quality to be a part of wedding industry . U will enjoy it!!