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2016 ~ 007 : Who’s the Next Bride & Groom?

Who’s the Next Bride & Groom?

Bridal Bouquet Toss

Ever wonder why bride toss their bridal bouquet to the bridesmaids and bridesman? Bridal bouquet toss signifies giving out the bride’s happiness and luck to whom is single. This is typically done over a group of single female guests or bridesmaids only, but men are welcome in the recent happened weddings.

There’s a tradition said whoever of the bridesmaid catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married. For bridesman or man of honor, if he catches the bouquet will have luck in love to encounter his true love.



Garter Toss

Garter tossing origins from a superstition which taken a piece of bride’s garment will bring luck. In today’s wedding, removal of garter is reserved to groom where he needs to dive in bride’s dress to remove the garter and toss it to the crowd of single bachelors. It’s the same with bouquet toss, who caught the garter will be the next man to be married. However, this garter tossing tradition is dying where groom is awkward to remove the garter in front of the bride’s family and the guests.



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2016 ~ 006 : Type of Wedding Veils You Should Know

Type of Wedding Veils You Should Know

What comes first in your mind when mentions about wedding veils? The answer is it’s all the same! There are many types of wedding veils with specific length. Length of wedding veils shall not be specific, it’s vary depends on the height of bride. If length is stated, it’s only to indicate for variety styles of wedding veils.

Birdcage Veil ——————— app. 12 inches

Birdcage veil is shortest length and perfect for an outdoor shoot and wedding. It extends just past the chin of bride and works perfectly in 50s’ western wedding style.

Flyaway Veil ———————– app. 18 inches

Flyaway veil is a multi-layered veil that reaches to shoulder length. It’s similar with shoulder length veil, but it’s less traditional and formal. If you are wearing ankle length dress, flyaway veil will embellish your perfect back detailing of the wedding dress.

Elbow Veil ————————— app. 25 inches

As you guessed it right, elbow veil ends it at bride’s elbow. It’s works well in informal setting. Bride will look stunning in wearing strapless ball gown style of wedding gown especially with elbow veil!

Fingertip Veil ———————- app. 45 inches

Fingertip veil ends at bride’s fingertips as the name indicated. It flatters in all types of gowns, results in a most popular choice among all ages of bride. Distraction of focus will not cause for bride’s wedding gown.

Waltz Veil —————————- app. 54 inches

Waltz veil also calls ballet veil, which allows bride to freely move around without afraid of tripping themselves. It falls between knee and ankle length. It was a popular look back in early of 1800s’ and 1920s’.

Chapel Veil ————————– app. 90 inches

Chapel veil is known as sweep veil and full veil. Imagining a romantic and perfect walk in the aisle? Chapel veil will satisfy your imagination and adds elegance to your wedding look. It falls just enough to have a gentle touch on ground.

Cathedral Veil ———————- app. 140 inches

Cathedral veil is an icon of elegant and classic. It’s longest veil and extends past the bride’s train. Beautiful and stunning photos can be taken with this veil. However, it’s a pain for every bride where it’s bulky and might take up some amount of time in outdoor environment.


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2016 ~ 005 : Top 5 Most Selected Wedding Photo with Props

Feeling plain for typical wedding photograph with only poses? You may get the most interesting and creative way by integrating props in your wedding photo shoot. Here are some tips that you may consider using it in your wedding photograph.

1.      Photo Frame

No worry! Your wedding photo will integrate with photo frame without glass. It shall be no reflection and affects your wedding photograph’s quality. Couple may lie down on ground and support themselves with their arms, to appear as vital in the photograph.

2     Mr. & Mrs. Tag

By holding Mr. and Mrs. tag, it gives an indication you’re getting married to each other with your partner and gives a new change of status of yours. You may hold it with poses that you’re comfortable with.

3.   Equation symbols

Equation symbols are not specific applicable in mathematics only, but in wedding photo shoot as well. Your partner ‘plus’ you is equals to love, which signifies eternity love.


4.    Flag Garland

Don’t be surprised! Flag garland that you always seen in birthday celebration is uses in the wedding photo shoot. As simple as ‘You & Me’ printed on each flag, it represents as a simple but a passionate love!


5.    L.O.V.E. Alphabets

Cheerful and a sense of joy are added in the wedding photo shoot with the combination use of L.O.V.E. alphabets.



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2016 ~ 002 : A-Must-Know Meaning of Flowers in Wedding

A-Must-Know Meaning of Flowers in Wedding

Humans’ names are always named for a meaning. Same thing goes to flowers, different colours and types of flowers used in wedding indicate for different meaning. Now, you don’t have to scratch your head and confuse which type of flowers to use in your wedding. We’re bringing you the various meaning of flowers to tackle questions that you’ve longed for.


Rose is an icon of romance no matter in relationships or friendships, widely used especially in the wedding. It comes in variety of colours such as, red, pink, white and more.

Red Rose: Love & Romance

The most universal symbol of red rose is true love. It’s a romantic way to express “I love you” to your loved ones.



Pink Rose: Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

Pink rose is a classic symbol of grace and elegance. Other than love, it also symbolizes as token of admiration and appreciation to your fiancé or your best friends in special occasion.



White Rose: Marriage, Spirituality

It’s a traditional association with wedding. They believe it symbolizes purity of irreplaceable love. It’s a perfect expression of “I’m thinking of you” to your partner.




Daisy is known as moon penny, ox eye and more. White daisy and pink daisy are the most commonly used in the wedding. However, there is other colour such as yellow.

White Daisy: Innocence, Purity

White daisy symbolizes innocence love and loyal love. It’s also uses to convey message “I’ll never tell”.



Pink Gerbera Daisy: Cheerfulness, Purity

Is often refers as Gerbera daisy instead of pink daisy. Both dark pink and light pink indicates for different meanings. Pink daisies are found in special occasion such as, wedding shower, baby shower, birthday and others.

Dark pink daisy: It symbolizes as gratitude or token of appreciation.

Light pink daisy: It stands for admiration and sympathy, and often used as act of friendship.



Lily used in the wedding due to its meaning of magnificent beauty. It has white, pink, orange and other colours. It widely used in wedding bouquet.

White Carla Lily: Innocence, Purity, Beauty

It’s also known as Carla Lily. It has the meaning of “it’s heavenly to be with you”. White lily is a good choice in wedding as a symbol of purity of love.

Pink Oriental Lily: Purity, Refined Beauty

Another type of lily calls Oriental Lily. It conveys message of purity in love and refined beauty. It’s a popular choice use in wedding as well.


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2016 ~ 004 : De Vouge new launch RM1288 Super valued Anniversary Wedding package

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2016 ~ 003 : Perfect Pre-Wedding Skin Care You Can DIY at Home

  1. 1.      Pick a venue for wedding ceremony
  2. 2.      Plan wedding plans with wedding planner
  3. 3.      Hire for a photographer for wedding photo shoot
  4. 4.      Decide on hairdo and make-up for wedding
  5. Beauty skin care treatment

Here comes when you realized skin care treatment plays a crucial role in your wedding. You wouldn’t want to scare your guests out with your face, when it appears as dull with a minus of radiance and as big as panda’s dark circles under your eyes for your wedding.

Simple skin care treatment can be done at home by applying facial masks, but ever wonder which one is the right mask for your skin type? Pamper your skin now before it’s too late!

Different skin types are suitable for different functions of mask are as following:

ü  Combination skin: Your skin is having oily T-zone but parched skin on other patches? No worry! By applying oil-absorbing mask on your T-zone and moisture-rich option on dry patches will dissolve your worry.


ü  Dry skin: You may pick moisturizing or hydrating masks to replenish moisture on your parched skin. Exfoliating mask is a good choice to remove dead skin cells on your face.


ü  Dull skin: Wish to have radiance skin like celebrities’? You may try exfoliating peel off mask which able to exfoliate your skin with smoothing and freshening looks.


ü  Oily or acne-prone skin: Clay mask is highly recommended for these types of skin as clay mask greatly removes excess oils in your skin. It helps in smoothing your face and avoid from acnes. Clay mask especially with purifying function works well in deep cleaning pores and preventing from annoying blackheads.


ü  Mature skin: If you’re anxious with having fine lines and wrinkles on your face, firming mask is definitely a best choice in tighten your skin and soften the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.


ü  Normal skin: You’re lucky for having this type of skin as you may try out any mask as you wish that works best with your skin.



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2016 ~ 001 : Wedding Posing You Mustn’t Missed Out

Worrying you and your partner will ruin the wedding photographs which might look awkward, distant and non-spontaneous with odd poses, and your partner and you are not photogenic? Trust me! Wedding is one of your biggest life events that you don’t want to mess up with.

Here’s some easy but to perfect posing tips in wedding photo shooting are as following:


1.      The Silhouette

You may look into each other’s eyes of your partner against the bright setting in the photograph. It works perfectly romantic at night, especially with bright light! The figure of both your partner and yours will be greatly outlined.



2.  The Back Hug

Either groom or bride may embrace each other from behind. You may choose to look directly to the camera or look into each other’s eyes. Harmony will be formed through this pose.



3. The Back Lay Down

Newlywed couple may lay down on their backs on the ground by closing your eyes. Pretending that you’re enjoying this sweet moment and do not want to let it slips away!



4.      The Forehead-to-Forehead

Affection of newlywed is able to present with forehead-to-forehead pose. All you need to do is to have a gentle touch of your forehead with your partner’s ones. With a cover of veil is a plus point for romantic scene.



5.    The Free Falling

This free falling makes a good pose by having groom holding bride with all his strength that he has. It’s a great way in telling everyone to the world that he will still holds her strong in the midst of hardship.



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