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2016 ~ 012 : Perfect Wedding Dress Tips for Your Body Shape

“By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgment. You are beautiful!” said Dr. Steve Maraboli, a motivational speaker and author. Every woman wants to be beautiful, that’s an undeniable fact, especially in biggest events of brides.

When comes to choice of wedding dress, you should understand well about your body shape before proceed to the wedding dress picking process.

Here are some peeks of different types of body shape:



If your bust and hips are about the same size and have a defined waist, then your body shape is describes as hourglass body shape. Make full advantage of your body shape by wearing type of wedding dress such as, Sheath, Mermaid and Trumpet to showcase your perfect body curves.

ü  Avoid: Empire wedding dress is unable to showcase your defined waistline.


This body shape has broader hips than shoulder. Pear body shape is known as triangle body shape. Attention can be created by wearing strapless, v-neck and one shoulder necklines style of wedding dress. You may wear ball gown or A-line silhouette wedding dress to reduce attention on your bottom half of body.

ü  Avoid: Sheath wedding dress is too clingy for your body shape;

Mermaid & Trumpet creates attention on wrong part of your body.


Full bust and full hips without waist definitions is calls apple body shape. It calls as round body shape as well. Empire and A-line silhouette wedding dress are suitable to elongate your silhouette with high waistline.

ü  Avoid: Ball gown will not elongate your body shape;

Mermaid & Trumpet will emphasize on your widest frame of body.

Inverted Triangle

This body shape has broader shoulder and smaller hips. A-line, Ball gown, and Empire are the great options to de-emphasize your wide shoulder and create balance between your shoulder and hips.

ü  Avoid: Mermaid gives illusion of broader shoulder.


Shoulder and hips are about the same width with less obvious waistline is rectangle body shape. Wearing empire wedding dress outlined well with the slim part of your body.

ü  Avoid: Sheath makes your body looks squarish.

Now, you’ve greater understanding of your body shape and please proceed to “Anatomy of Wedding Dress Silhouette” article to pick a perfect dress for your wedding dress.


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2016 ~ 011 : Top 3 Ideal Necklines of Wedding Dress



V-Neck wedding dress is one of the most popular pick which it may elongate your body shape and round face shape of bride will seems more oval and skinnier. Illusion of taller bride may appear with V-neck wedding dress as well.


Sweetheart features top half of a heart shape. Sweetheart may be a great option among all the brides, however it may not flatter every bride. Broad shoulder of body shape may not wear strapless sweetheart neckline dress as it will give an illusion of broader shoulder than originally it was.

Off the Shoulder

As the name indicates, the neckline lies below bride’s shoulder to showcase perfect charming of collarbone and shoulder. It flatters in almost every figure of bride. However, broad shoulders and fuller arms should skip this style of neckline for an option of wedding dress.


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2016 ~ 010 : Anatomy of Wedding Dress Silhouette

With a better understanding on “Perfect Wedding Dress Tips for Your Shape” article, here are anatomies of wedding dress:


A-line is a popular pick for every bride with its balanced waistline which flatters every bride’s body shape well.

However, you have another choice with short A-line if you’re not fancy with floor-length wedding dress. The wedding dress may be knee-length or tea-length. Your bare legs and shoes will be exposed, and make sure you have a perfect match of your wedding shoes with the dress.


Ball Gown

Ball gown is a fairytale piece of wedding dress and most romantic ones. The slim-cut of the wedding dress trims bride’s waist well with a full bell-shaped. Multi-layer of fabrics floats down the ground.



Empire wedding dress is unique with its high waistline which sits below the bust, and let the other parts of dress flows down to the floor. Empire creates romance feel with the lighter fabrics.


The enchanting dress emphasizes on your body’s curves, and it will elongate your below part of body shape well.


A slim silhouette will be outlined with Sheath wedding dress. You may choose to dress up with glamorous embellishment or keep it with minimalist style. The long and straight lines of this dress may lengthen your body.


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2016 ~ 009 : What Guests’ Wear Should Avoid to a Wedding

When it comes to what attire shouldn’t wear to wedding, there are some common attire mishaps guests should avoid:

ü  Avoid from wearing shorts: Guests should avoid from wearing casually with shorts and put on a pair of slipper in attending a casual wedding. Wearing shorts only applies in children who are uncomfortable with overheat.


ü  Avoid from wearing black: Wearing black implies mourning and death to most of the people. You should avoid from wearing black suits or dresses from head-to-toe to your family or friend’s wedding ceremony.


ü  Avoid from wearing white:  Plain white is a most obvious colour that attracts people’s attention, and people might misunderstood you as a bridesmaid. So don’t wear plain white-coloured dress as it will double as a bridesmaid’s dress. It’s fine as long as wearing white along with patterned dress or off-white dress.


ü  Avoid from wearing jeans & T-shirt: No matter how casual the wedding is, wearing jeans & T-shirt is a big no for wedding attire. Slippers shouldn’t match with any attire as well. There’s only one exception to wear slippers in a wedding with a beach-themed wedding which allows guests to put on slippers.


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2016 ~ 008 : Top 4 You-Must-Know Western Wedding Terms


Having a thought of Asian would have blessing items for wedding ritual, except for western wedding ceremony? If so, you’re wrong. We’re bringing you a few terms used in western wedding ceremony that you’re familiar with, but didn’t know what those are representing for.
 Bridal Shower
A gift-giving party held by bride. In this bridal shower ceremony, friends and family will gift to represent their blessings for the future newlywed a week before wedding ceremony. In the old custom, men are prohibited in this ceremony. However, groom and men are welcome in attending this ceremony in recent.

 Single for One Last Night
Before committing themselves into marriage, future groom and bride will celebrate with their single friends a day or week before their obligations as a husband or wife.

 Mascots
Four objects that bride carries on her wedding for luck charms.

Something old: Wear a wedding dress or accessory inherits from mother which symbolizes continuity of beauty life.
Something new: With the use of item gifted from relatives, it grants in optimism for future.
Something borrowed: Obtain an item from a good-fortuned marriage relative or friend that signifies borrowed happiness over to the bride.
Something blue: Bride wears something blue such as blue ribbon or blue-coloured accessory to stand for purity, love and fidelity.

 White Wedding Dress
White colour represents purity and innocence in the wedding, and is a popular pick for western wedding to have white-coloured wedding dress.


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