Joyce & Craig pre wedding behind the Scene

c0-IMG_2417 dv.jpgc100-IMG_2372 dv.jpgc25-IMG_2359 dv.jpgc36-IMG_2360 dv.jpgc41-IMG_2375 dv.jpgc43-IMG_2354 dv.jpgc43-IMG_2379 dv.jpgc43-IMG_2433 dv.jpgc46-IMG_2364 dv.jpgc5-IMG_2356 dv.jpgc54-IMG_2442 dv.jpgc57-IMG_2365 dv.jpgc61-IMG_2438 dv.jpgc64-IMG_2446 dv.jpgc7-IMG_2357 dv.jpgc70-IMG_2388 dv.jpgc70-IMG_2398 dv.jpgc75-IMG_2410 dv.jpgc76-IMG_2430 dv.jpgc94-IMG_2381 dv.jpgc94-IMG_2394 dv.jpgc97-IMG_2413 dv.jpgIMG_2385 dv.jpgIMG_2421 dv.jpg
De Vouge wedding Gallery

Makeup By : Geozo Wong

Photography : Studio 88




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