2016 ~ 001 : Wedding Posing You Mustn’t Missed Out

Worrying you and your partner will ruin the wedding photographs which might look awkward, distant and non-spontaneous with odd poses, and your partner and you are not photogenic? Trust me! Wedding is one of your biggest life events that you don’t want to mess up with.

Here’s some easy but to perfect posing tips in wedding photo shooting are as following:


1.      The Silhouette

You may look into each other’s eyes of your partner against the bright setting in the photograph. It works perfectly romantic at night, especially with bright light! The figure of both your partner and yours will be greatly outlined.



2.  The Back Hug

Either groom or bride may embrace each other from behind. You may choose to look directly to the camera or look into each other’s eyes. Harmony will be formed through this pose.



3. The Back Lay Down

Newlywed couple may lay down on their backs on the ground by closing your eyes. Pretending that you’re enjoying this sweet moment and do not want to let it slips away!



4.      The Forehead-to-Forehead

Affection of newlywed is able to present with forehead-to-forehead pose. All you need to do is to have a gentle touch of your forehead with your partner’s ones. With a cover of veil is a plus point for romantic scene.



5.    The Free Falling

This free falling makes a good pose by having groom holding bride with all his strength that he has. It’s a great way in telling everyone to the world that he will still holds her strong in the midst of hardship.



Photo credit to De Vouge Wedding’s client

Write up by Kit Hoon @Realmag Media





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