2016 ~ 002 : A-Must-Know Meaning of Flowers in Wedding

A-Must-Know Meaning of Flowers in Wedding

Humans’ names are always named for a meaning. Same thing goes to flowers, different colours and types of flowers used in wedding indicate for different meaning. Now, you don’t have to scratch your head and confuse which type of flowers to use in your wedding. We’re bringing you the various meaning of flowers to tackle questions that you’ve longed for.


Rose is an icon of romance no matter in relationships or friendships, widely used especially in the wedding. It comes in variety of colours such as, red, pink, white and more.

Red Rose: Love & Romance

The most universal symbol of red rose is true love. It’s a romantic way to express “I love you” to your loved ones.



Pink Rose: Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

Pink rose is a classic symbol of grace and elegance. Other than love, it also symbolizes as token of admiration and appreciation to your fiancé or your best friends in special occasion.



White Rose: Marriage, Spirituality

It’s a traditional association with wedding. They believe it symbolizes purity of irreplaceable love. It’s a perfect expression of “I’m thinking of you” to your partner.




Daisy is known as moon penny, ox eye and more. White daisy and pink daisy are the most commonly used in the wedding. However, there is other colour such as yellow.

White Daisy: Innocence, Purity

White daisy symbolizes innocence love and loyal love. It’s also uses to convey message “I’ll never tell”.



Pink Gerbera Daisy: Cheerfulness, Purity

Is often refers as Gerbera daisy instead of pink daisy. Both dark pink and light pink indicates for different meanings. Pink daisies are found in special occasion such as, wedding shower, baby shower, birthday and others.

Dark pink daisy: It symbolizes as gratitude or token of appreciation.

Light pink daisy: It stands for admiration and sympathy, and often used as act of friendship.



Lily used in the wedding due to its meaning of magnificent beauty. It has white, pink, orange and other colours. It widely used in wedding bouquet.

White Carla Lily: Innocence, Purity, Beauty

It’s also known as Carla Lily. It has the meaning of “it’s heavenly to be with you”. White lily is a good choice in wedding as a symbol of purity of love.

Pink Oriental Lily: Purity, Refined Beauty

Another type of lily calls Oriental Lily. It conveys message of purity in love and refined beauty. It’s a popular choice use in wedding as well.


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