2016 ~ 003 : Perfect Pre-Wedding Skin Care You Can DIY at Home

  1. 1.      Pick a venue for wedding ceremony
  2. 2.      Plan wedding plans with wedding planner
  3. 3.      Hire for a photographer for wedding photo shoot
  4. 4.      Decide on hairdo and make-up for wedding
  5. Beauty skin care treatment

Here comes when you realized skin care treatment plays a crucial role in your wedding. You wouldn’t want to scare your guests out with your face, when it appears as dull with a minus of radiance and as big as panda’s dark circles under your eyes for your wedding.

Simple skin care treatment can be done at home by applying facial masks, but ever wonder which one is the right mask for your skin type? Pamper your skin now before it’s too late!

Different skin types are suitable for different functions of mask are as following:

ü  Combination skin: Your skin is having oily T-zone but parched skin on other patches? No worry! By applying oil-absorbing mask on your T-zone and moisture-rich option on dry patches will dissolve your worry.


ü  Dry skin: You may pick moisturizing or hydrating masks to replenish moisture on your parched skin. Exfoliating mask is a good choice to remove dead skin cells on your face.


ü  Dull skin: Wish to have radiance skin like celebrities’? You may try exfoliating peel off mask which able to exfoliate your skin with smoothing and freshening looks.


ü  Oily or acne-prone skin: Clay mask is highly recommended for these types of skin as clay mask greatly removes excess oils in your skin. It helps in smoothing your face and avoid from acnes. Clay mask especially with purifying function works well in deep cleaning pores and preventing from annoying blackheads.


ü  Mature skin: If you’re anxious with having fine lines and wrinkles on your face, firming mask is definitely a best choice in tighten your skin and soften the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.


ü  Normal skin: You’re lucky for having this type of skin as you may try out any mask as you wish that works best with your skin.



Write up by Kit Hoon @Realmag Media

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