2016 ~ 006 : Type of Wedding Veils You Should Know

Type of Wedding Veils You Should Know

What comes first in your mind when mentions about wedding veils? The answer is it’s all the same! There are many types of wedding veils with specific length. Length of wedding veils shall not be specific, it’s vary depends on the height of bride. If length is stated, it’s only to indicate for variety styles of wedding veils.

Birdcage Veil ——————— app. 12 inches

Birdcage veil is shortest length and perfect for an outdoor shoot and wedding. It extends just past the chin of bride and works perfectly in 50s’ western wedding style.

Flyaway Veil ———————– app. 18 inches

Flyaway veil is a multi-layered veil that reaches to shoulder length. It’s similar with shoulder length veil, but it’s less traditional and formal. If you are wearing ankle length dress, flyaway veil will embellish your perfect back detailing of the wedding dress.

Elbow Veil ————————— app. 25 inches

As you guessed it right, elbow veil ends it at bride’s elbow. It’s works well in informal setting. Bride will look stunning in wearing strapless ball gown style of wedding gown especially with elbow veil!

Fingertip Veil ———————- app. 45 inches

Fingertip veil ends at bride’s fingertips as the name indicated. It flatters in all types of gowns, results in a most popular choice among all ages of bride. Distraction of focus will not cause for bride’s wedding gown.

Waltz Veil —————————- app. 54 inches

Waltz veil also calls ballet veil, which allows bride to freely move around without afraid of tripping themselves. It falls between knee and ankle length. It was a popular look back in early of 1800s’ and 1920s’.

Chapel Veil ————————– app. 90 inches

Chapel veil is known as sweep veil and full veil. Imagining a romantic and perfect walk in the aisle? Chapel veil will satisfy your imagination and adds elegance to your wedding look. It falls just enough to have a gentle touch on ground.

Cathedral Veil ———————- app. 140 inches

Cathedral veil is an icon of elegant and classic. It’s longest veil and extends past the bride’s train. Beautiful and stunning photos can be taken with this veil. However, it’s a pain for every bride where it’s bulky and might take up some amount of time in outdoor environment.


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