2016 ~ 008 : Top 4 You-Must-Know Western Wedding Terms


Having a thought of Asian would have blessing items for wedding ritual, except for western wedding ceremony? If so, you’re wrong. We’re bringing you a few terms used in western wedding ceremony that you’re familiar with, but didn’t know what those are representing for.
 Bridal Shower
A gift-giving party held by bride. In this bridal shower ceremony, friends and family will gift to represent their blessings for the future newlywed a week before wedding ceremony. In the old custom, men are prohibited in this ceremony. However, groom and men are welcome in attending this ceremony in recent.

 Single for One Last Night
Before committing themselves into marriage, future groom and bride will celebrate with their single friends a day or week before their obligations as a husband or wife.

 Mascots
Four objects that bride carries on her wedding for luck charms.

Something old: Wear a wedding dress or accessory inherits from mother which symbolizes continuity of beauty life.
Something new: With the use of item gifted from relatives, it grants in optimism for future.
Something borrowed: Obtain an item from a good-fortuned marriage relative or friend that signifies borrowed happiness over to the bride.
Something blue: Bride wears something blue such as blue ribbon or blue-coloured accessory to stand for purity, love and fidelity.

 White Wedding Dress
White colour represents purity and innocence in the wedding, and is a popular pick for western wedding to have white-coloured wedding dress.


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