2016 ~ 009 : What Guests’ Wear Should Avoid to a Wedding

When it comes to what attire shouldn’t wear to wedding, there are some common attire mishaps guests should avoid:

ü  Avoid from wearing shorts: Guests should avoid from wearing casually with shorts and put on a pair of slipper in attending a casual wedding. Wearing shorts only applies in children who are uncomfortable with overheat.


ü  Avoid from wearing black: Wearing black implies mourning and death to most of the people. You should avoid from wearing black suits or dresses from head-to-toe to your family or friend’s wedding ceremony.


ü  Avoid from wearing white:  Plain white is a most obvious colour that attracts people’s attention, and people might misunderstood you as a bridesmaid. So don’t wear plain white-coloured dress as it will double as a bridesmaid’s dress. It’s fine as long as wearing white along with patterned dress or off-white dress.


ü  Avoid from wearing jeans & T-shirt: No matter how casual the wedding is, wearing jeans & T-shirt is a big no for wedding attire. Slippers shouldn’t match with any attire as well. There’s only one exception to wear slippers in a wedding with a beach-themed wedding which allows guests to put on slippers.


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