2016 ~ 012 : Perfect Wedding Dress Tips for Your Body Shape

“By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgment. You are beautiful!” said Dr. Steve Maraboli, a motivational speaker and author. Every woman wants to be beautiful, that’s an undeniable fact, especially in biggest events of brides.

When comes to choice of wedding dress, you should understand well about your body shape before proceed to the wedding dress picking process.

Here are some peeks of different types of body shape:



If your bust and hips are about the same size and have a defined waist, then your body shape is describes as hourglass body shape. Make full advantage of your body shape by wearing type of wedding dress such as, Sheath, Mermaid and Trumpet to showcase your perfect body curves.

ü  Avoid: Empire wedding dress is unable to showcase your defined waistline.


This body shape has broader hips than shoulder. Pear body shape is known as triangle body shape. Attention can be created by wearing strapless, v-neck and one shoulder necklines style of wedding dress. You may wear ball gown or A-line silhouette wedding dress to reduce attention on your bottom half of body.

ü  Avoid: Sheath wedding dress is too clingy for your body shape;

Mermaid & Trumpet creates attention on wrong part of your body.


Full bust and full hips without waist definitions is calls apple body shape. It calls as round body shape as well. Empire and A-line silhouette wedding dress are suitable to elongate your silhouette with high waistline.

ü  Avoid: Ball gown will not elongate your body shape;

Mermaid & Trumpet will emphasize on your widest frame of body.

Inverted Triangle

This body shape has broader shoulder and smaller hips. A-line, Ball gown, and Empire are the great options to de-emphasize your wide shoulder and create balance between your shoulder and hips.

ü  Avoid: Mermaid gives illusion of broader shoulder.


Shoulder and hips are about the same width with less obvious waistline is rectangle body shape. Wearing empire wedding dress outlined well with the slim part of your body.

ü  Avoid: Sheath makes your body looks squarish.

Now, you’ve greater understanding of your body shape and please proceed to “Anatomy of Wedding Dress Silhouette” article to pick a perfect dress for your wedding dress.


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